Our Nutrition coaching service helps individuals compile the detailed and specific recommendations of the DNA reports, and to translate them into a progressive healthy eating and living plan.

This is not a mandatory service for DNA testing. Anyone can read the DNA reports and follow the instructions on their own. However, once the reports are read and a draft plan is made, most clients like to run it by one of our coaches in order to optimize their steps and focus on living and eating healthier.

It is important for everyone to know that there is no cookie-cutter diet. Each diet out there can be helpful to some individuals, and harmful to others. The DNA testing sheds great light on the client’s biodiversity and unique needs, and provides him/her with great jumpstart in the right direction. Our coaches can help clients discover blind spots, stay focused, and be accountable for following their own health goals.

We encourage our clients to consider intermittent fasting, and we help them figure out the best fasting schedule that fits their life, work, and social participation. We also help clients consider and select the best supplements and probiotics that fit their needs.

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