DNA Testing

Since many brain-related issues and emotional imbalances can be the result of allergies and essential nutrient deficiencies, we always encourage our clients to start with DNA testing. It takes 6-8 weeks for the test results to be returned, and thus delaying the test would only delay their recovery.

DNA testing is processed through one of the best North-American DNA testing companies, and once the results are returned to us, we provide our clients with up to 34 reports.

The DNA testing reports we obtain for our clients describe everything there is to know about their genes, hormones, allergies, mineral deficiencies, longevity, inflammation and autoimmune issues, vulnerability to systemic illnesses and cancer, etc.

Each report is quite lengthy, listing the good and the ugly about every set of genes, explaining everything in plain language, and suggesting solutions. Each section of the reports recommends in easy-to-understand manner the necessary unique lifestyle changes, as well as the foods to avoid or add and the necessary supplements in order to improve the individual’s overall health.

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