Neurofeedback training is always coupled with a certain amount of counselling as in the same way that hardware and software work together, counselling can speed up the recovery progress and ensure long-lasting benefits for your physical, emotional, behavioural and mental health.

Depending on each person’s needs, counselling can help clients identify tools that help them heal, as well as develop coping skills to live a better quality of life despite past or current and on-going issues.

Trauma therapy may be necessary since the neurofeedback training empowers the person to work through deeper layers of buried pain and long-avoided issues. In such cases, counselling helps clients with trust issues and gradually equips them with tools and skills to overcome negative experiences from the past.

The counselling services are provided by our team, or along with other local highly specialized counsellors and healing programs. Spiritual counselling is also available for individuals with existential and life questions that are affecting overall health and performance.

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