Access Family Services Clinic

Access Family Services Clinic is committed to serving person as a whole. Our services are designed to work toward achieving long-lasting mental, emotional, physical, social, and spiritual health.



Neurofeedback is a program that uses EEG (electroencephalogram) devices to assess your brain waves in a non-invasive manner. Raw data is compared to same-age healthy individuals and this creates a graphic brain map showing the locations of the brain and whether they are too strong or too weak.


We can help clients identify tools to help them heal and help develop coping tools to achieve a higher quality of life, despite ongoing or past experiences, personal problems, etc.

DNA Testing

Through the use of DNA testing, we obtain reports which can help diagnose problems with genes, hormones, allergies, mineral deficiencies, longevity,  inflammation or autoimmune issues, vulnerability to systemic illnesses, cancer, etc.


Our Nutrition coaching service helps individuals compile the detailed and specific recommendations of the DNA reports and translates them into a easy to follow progressive healthy eating and living plan.

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